Sibbal On A Mission To Screw Our Education System

These are the excerpts from an interview we had with Mr. Kapil Sibal, Our HRD minister after the release of latest QS World University Rankings where none of our institutes feature in top 200. 

Mr. Sibal said-“Its very surprising, we no more trust these rankings , these are controlled by western world to propel there already prospering education industry.This ranking has revealed that world is afraid of India and its power and that is why they do not let Indian institutions feature in world’s best,else India will become a Education supermarket and the already ailing western economy will have one more insult to its injury.”

He further added
-“the day I assumed office, I made all efforts that our top institutions become world’s top institution , and we establish ourselves as a global education hub, which would also help our foreign exchange reserves get some salvation since the foreign tourists have already left visiting Goa.
We have also implemented our reservation policy properly so as to get a diverse student base & proper representation of all quarters of society. We have ensured that the same is implemented in faculty appointments as well.  We have been investing thousands of crores in education.Only Mr. Jairam Ramesh thinks we are not putting in enough money. I will tell you something, visit my office sometime , I can show you all those papers(things work on paper, you know!!) which testify the money we have invested in education and research.”
Answering a question on how do they intend to boost the global ranking of IITs, he said -“We had insured that IIT-JEE was world’s toughest paper so that only brightest mind could get through them.But, it didn’t help since we don’t have such an intelligent student base here as they have  in MITs and Harvards. Thus,I have restrategized the whole thing and I have decided to do away with IIT-JEE from 2013, lets see what comes up!!! This will put less pressure on pockets of students and their parents, as earlier they used to fill hundreds of form for different entrance test and pay thousands of rupees for each.Our government has also opened new IITs, we have now 16 IITs in India(including IT-BHU), we aim at bringing this number close to 50, we are also planning to increase number of seats in existing IITs, so that more and more students get quality(read quality-less) education and fulfill their dream of being an IITian. Our government always makes ‘common-man friendly‘ policies,you see.

In our other efforts , We removed the ban put on 40 institutions which were blacklisted by UGC . The main reason for the upliftment of this ban being that it would have given a bad name for us and India, as 40 is a huge number mathematicians say. And secondly, it would have brought down massive unemployment and idleness for the society. The faculty employed in these (earlier) blacklisted institutions, the admission mafias and agents would have come on road. And of course, the brightest Indian minds(studying in these colleges) would have been left with nothing to do and nowhere to go”- said Mr. Sibal.

“I have been assigned this task to declutter our education system by our h’ble PM and I have my missions very clear,he said.So here we have a “Mission-Man” earlier we had an awesome “Missile Man” our very own Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

My take on the issue:

Mr. Sibbal, its a welcome move that you are striving for a common entrance test. But, we can have two tests, one IIT-JEE and one CET, this would help atleast maintain the IIT standards if not raise it.

If you want our institutes go up in world ranking, better focus on quality than votes. All these reservation policies are nothing more than vote-bank politics. It would not bring in any diversity, of course. What it does is dilute the IIT standards. What you can do is give the economically backward people some kind of scholarship, give them free education. How on earth is someone supposed to get entry into an IIT if one hasn’t got enough means to complete basic school education. Give them free books, free food, and then even free higher education. There is nothing called socially backward these days we only have economically backward classes.Its high time you get things straight.

Opening of so many of IITs would degrade brand IIT , and it would no more be a dream of students to get admission in one of them. Students dreamt to get into an IIT because only few could get through and those who could get into it would have changed fortunes thereafter. Degrading IITs will no more attract students or the faculties to join them.

Scrapping of class Xth board examination is no solution to our problem. It is just a temporary respite. Get some sensible people, and let them form a system where rote-learning is not promoted. Our tests do not evaluate students’ intelligence or knowledge but one’s retaining capacity.

Do something man, mere media announcements and press conferences won’t do any good!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!
  • His comments are hilarious at best.

    He has done absolutely zilch since he's assumed office – other than, of course, making tall claims and ridiculous rule changes.

    Let us accept the fact – there IS a serious dearth of real quality coming out, and that is because our education system is lacking. The first step to correcting a mistake is accepting that there indeed is a mistake!

  • Aniket

    Yup Swastik… unless we accept something is wrong.. we can never start doin the right… Our education System has really let us down. Have you ever wondered where all these IIT pass-outs go after they get degree from such a prestigious institute.. almost all of them go abroad.. either to hav a good job or higher studies.