“Prisoners Devo Bhava”

The govt of India has officially launched a new punchline “Prisoners Devo Bhava”. Indeed Incredible India.

The Prison culture and tradition of hospitality to prisoners in not new on this land. Remember Lord Krishna was born in a prison cell. Even prior to independence ,freedom fighters used to go to jail frequently, it was an elegant way to fight for a cause (although, not personal then, unlike now).
Furthermore, throwing light on Indo-Pak war of 1971, reveals some supporting facts. India imprisoned more than 90 thousand prisoners of war(a world record actually!). Even in the chilly December weather then , India made sure that prisoners which comprised of 79700 Pak army soldiers and 25700 civilians don’t have to suffer, elaborate arrangements of food and shelter were made.

While you chow on that incident,lets fast forward to a recent time. 26/11 attack in Mumbai, and sole surviving Pakistani terrorist (Mr.) Ajmal Kasab. Like it or not , Kasab is the most important and valuable person in India at the moment. He is our reverend guest, he is certainly enjoying the royal treatment at our expenses, which ensures his comfort and safety.

Would you believe it!! Over 40 crores have already been spent for his amicable stay in India. Three cheers for the open heartedness of Indian government to spend just 8.5 lacs per day on this resident of Faridkot, a small town in Pakistan. Special cell has been made at the high security Arthur road jail, strong enough that even a truck full of explosives, if explodes, won’t cause any damage. The jail has been turned into a fortress with increased security forces, remember only for a single person. Not only this , a bullet proof cell(at an estimated cost of 1 crore) has also been made at the J.J. Hospital for our dear Kasab, most interestingly , he has not visited this cell yet.

The greatness is not just with the government but with common people also, who happily pay taxes for hospitality of terrorists like (Mr.) Ajmal Kasab.

Even our MPs , MLAs and top govt. bureaucrats’s brain should be kept in museum showcases. They are all great visionaries, so the world of course should see what their brain looks like and is filled up with (I never said garbage!!).

Govt. argues that keeping Kasab safe is important as in case of some terrorist  threats he can be negotiated, like it happens in our Indian cinema(truly, films reflect thought of the society!). Like if leaders of national (un)impotance like Rahul Gandhi is abducted or parliament is beseiged. Kasab can be a great trade off.

Or may be, Kasab has himself planned it out – his arrest. After seeing history & backgrounds of Indian Politicians, any kid would try to be a criminal so that he gets into politics easily.  Kasab has already started learning Marathi, and its highly probable that a film based on his ‘life and successes’ might get released soon – which of course would give him widespread publicity. As he would have lived enough  in India – by the time he becomes eligible to contest elections – to get Indian citizenship, Kasab might contest elections to rule us all.

For this kid, in his early twenties only, the future is bright in this country. To rule out any suspicion of trial, as you know, more than 60 thousand cases are already pending in supreme court. Does honorable Supreme Court not have any other job than taking up the cases of a convicted criminal like Kasab ? (who had over 200 eye-witnesses!)

Few claim that India has saved him to have a solid proof of Pak government’s connection in the attack. All rubbish !! The whole world knows the fact, few things do not need proof.

On the foot steps of freedom fighters, even politicians of today (although for personal causes) serves their time in jail. Likes of Suresh Kalmadi, A. Raja, Kanimozhi, Shibu Soren, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Sukha Ram and recently Reddy brothers are few great personalities, in this league already. Again they get a lot of comfort in jail , even after being convicted prisoneers , people accept them election commission allows them to contest elections, “Bada Dilwala”.

The only truth is that our country is following the traditional custom of treating its guests as God (Atithi Devo Bhava!!). and now “Prisoners Devo Bhava”!!!

Written By – Shubham Anand

Its NOW or NEVER!!
  • Swastik

    And to top that, the cop who followed him from Chowpati – no one seems to care for him. Sad state of affairs.

  • khagemba

    I really support your words. but let's not forget there are many good people in govt also….

  • Aniket

    Of course there are good people in govt.. but, their words and actions get overshadowed by these corrupt people .. b'coz u know majority wins in India.