Ra.One-Shah Rukh’s most expensive midlife crisis.

Shahrukh Khan had left no stone unturned for the publicity of the costliest and much hyped movie of Bollywood Ra.one. He roamed around the country for months. Travelled in Delhi metro and promoted his movie in every other event. As a result movie registered a profit of 18.5 crores on the opening day, but there after the movie has failed to drive enough crowd—thanks to the poor reviews and pathetic storyline. Film critics label Ra.One  as Shah Rukh’s most expensive midlife crisis.

While SRK finally seems to get some free time after incessant publicity for weeks, he is being widely flanked by his supporters and film pundit for such a flop show.  Anamika from Delhi who curses herself for having watched the movie says-“It’s a sci-fi, its comedy, its thriller- Overall it is completely messed up.” Rajesh from Mumbai was caught sneaking out of the theatre in the interval, He says-“It was a torture, I felt like running out of the theatre in the interval. I tried, but security guards caught me “. Lovely Singh from Chandigarh says-“The time that SRK wasted in publicity should have been invested in the movie instead.”  Aniket a die-hard SRK fan says-“I desperately want to watch Ra.One. But I fear, if my friends and colleagues come to know about it. they would mock at me. I will have to wait till DVDs are released “

Adding to the woes of SRK, Ra.mu has refused to watch Ra.one. In fact, SRK had given away free passes for the movie to bollywood celebrities including Ra.mu to draw some crowd.  But Ra.mu has refused to undergo this “torture”. Adding insult to the injury Amitabh has allegedly blamed SRK of marring the festivity of Diwali.  Owing to the failure of his dream project, SRK is expected to bounce back.
Ra.One has barely been in the box-office for a week and King Khan has already decided to make the sequeal of the movie. As per the close sources, SRK was quite perturbed with the way  the movie crashed on the box office. He was particularly concerned about the fact that a 150 crore movie could only manage 2,5 star rating as per the Times of India . While most mortals would have broken down, King Khan took lessons from adversity and has decided to produce the sequeal of Ra-one. The movie which would be named Ra-Two would cost around 300 crores. He expects the factor two in the name and the cost to be reflected in its ratings as well. This project received a major set back when Kareena Kapoor  refused to feature in Ra.Two citing her busy schedule. Though official announcement is still awaited.

Its NOW or NEVER!!