After Reservation in Lokpal, Politicians Demand Reservation in Cricket

Just on the pattern of reservation in Jan Lokpal Bill, Parliamentarians now demand a religion based reservation in the Indian Cricket Team. While the Parliament met today to discuss the issue of religion based quota and its implications on Jan Lokpal Bill, a fraction of MPs led by Lalu Prasad Yadav stalled the proceedings of Parliament demanding similar reservation in Indian Cricket Team.

Lalu Prasad while addressing the house said- “Team touring Australia should be immediately brought back. And a new team with proper representation from all castes and religion especially Muslims and Yadavs be selected for the first test scheduled from 26th of this month.” Lalu has demanded a quota of 45% for Muslims and 20% for Yadavs in the playing 11.Mulayam Singh Yadav while supporting this idea said-“Team India represents the entire country. But does it truly represent all our caste and religion??”. Timing of this issue just before UP elections raises serious concerns over the real intentions of these political parties.

The house was divided on Lalu’s proposal. Many political parties felt that some religions, especially Muslims do not have proper representation in the national cricket team. Congress general secretary Mr Digvijay Singh while talking for the motion, said-“Look at the team that is touring Australia, there is just one Muslim in the team.Is this the true replica of India. Not only Cricket, I would say, similar reservations must be made in other sports as well .” Leader of opposition, Ms Susama Swaraj completely turned down Lalu’s proposal and said-“This is just a ploy by Lalu to help his son Tejaswi make into the the National Side. Tejaswi has played scores of IPL matches but has hardly made any appreciable contribution.”

Lalu While Talking to WakeIndiaNow ruled out these allegations and said-“It has nothing to do with my son, Parliament has never functioned for a complete day in this winter session, but I don’t know why opposition appeared quite today. How could I let some-one break that trend”. Lalu was overheard saying to his fellow parliamentarian Mulayam Singh -“लोकपाल बिल आ गया तो हमरा जीना हराम हो  जायेगा, चारा का सबे पोल खुल जायेगा. इसलिए हम  लोकपाल को आने ही नही देंगे संसद में.”

Its NOW or NEVER!!