Emraan Hashmi To Feature In Sunny’s Next Production

Sunny Leone is much impressed with Emraan Hashmi’s work in the Dirty Picture. After watching the movie(the dirty picture) a satisfied Sunny announced that she wanted to cast the actor Emraan Hashmi in her next production.

Mahesh Bhatt ,who recently met Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss house to offer her a role in Jism 2, has already been contacted by Sunny’s aides for signing Mr. Hashmi. Though WakeIndiaNow could not contact Mahesh Bhatt, but an ecstatic Pooja Bhatt said, this is our door to Hollywood, once Emraan carries the good work he has been doing here ,abroad; Bhatt camp can spread its arms there as well.

On Sunny Leone’s recommendations, the directors at Sunny’s production house have cancelled the auditions for Emraan Hashmi. They said, “since Sunny wants this guy(Emraan Hashmi) so badly in her next film , we need not audition him. Even we have seen few of his works, he is amazing, he is the guy we have been looking for. Emraan Hashmi is an awe inspiring talent, fit for the kind of films we make.”

It is believed that Vidya Balan’s name is also being considered. But, there has been no confirmation on whether she will feature in Sunny’s next film or not.

Meanwhile, Vidya Balan has said “I think women should celebrate their body and not hide. Women should look like women.” God knows what does she want women to do !!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!