Dhoni Blames Zimbabwae for Poor Performance, says Team India just Followed the Trend

A country where Cricket is the only religion which unites all and cricketers are the only mortal gods, a lot was expected from Team India when the tour of Australia started with the much hyped Boxing Day Test. Defeat after defeat, agony piled up. Billions of minds had zillions of questions, but those were never answered. Team assured of better performance, but game after game it only went worse. We might not have performed any better in the last match, but finally here comes the answer from the Captain Cool. Following the footsteps of Senior Congress Minister Mr Kapil Sibal, who earlier this month gave a clean chit to congress and blamed BJP for 2-G scam saying that they just followed what NDA did in its regime, M.S Dhoni has now blamed Zimbabwe for Team India’s pathetic performance in Australia. Dhoni while talking to WIN said-” Do you think it was our team which started this trend of 3 day Test matches…….ofcourse not!!! Its they(zimbabwe) who started this,It was only on 28th last month that they got out twice in a single day. we just followed the trend. And now suddenly everyone is pointing fingers at us.”

The non performing and lately exiled Vice- Captain of team India, Virender Sehwag could not be reached for comments but one of his tweets read-
“Do we need to prove anything after that world cup victory?”
This tweet was shortly followed by
“Do I need to prove anything after that double century?”

Digvijay Singh appeared quite elated by the wide acceptance that Sibal’s “Blame”Theory was getting. On being asked, what could he have done to uplift Team India’s game. He Said-“Allow all team members to don their IPL jerseys, they appear more committed in those”. However, this “blame” theory has not gone down well with many stake holders of Team India. Taking a leaf out of Dhoni’s book, SAHARA has snubbed its contract with Team India citing it just followed what Zimbabwe’s title sponsor ‘Delta’ did.

Meanwhile, Team India’s poor show continues with a humiliating defeat in recently concluded ODI. According to Analysts of India TV, cricketers really feel insecure on foreign land. Cricket Expert Saba Karim said-“Cricketers are always in a hurry to get back to hut. They are really not comfortable or secure in the middle. They fear something out there.”. Indu Prakash, an ardent follower of Team India, said-“Every Single match, I pray for Sachin’s century, but by the end, I end up praying for India’s Century. Its disgusting!!!.”

Its good to learn that cricketers finally broke their silence. But it is yet to be seen when they choose to silence their critics with the bat.


Its NOW or NEVER!!