Every Guy wants to ask these 10 Questions to his Girlfriend

Dear Ladies, girlfriends, girl-friends,
Today we are talking to all our female partners, not necessarily our girlfriends but also to all the women in our life; to our besties , to our crush, to our platonic lovemates , to our soul mates and to everyone else.  We guys may generally appear to be detached emotionally but  we are not. There are gazillions of questions that we want to ask but are too afraid to ask. Here is the list of top 10 of them.


1)Do you really think sex is all that matters to us in relationship?There is an elephant in the room and we need to address it. Do you think guys value sex the most and all the care and love are just roadways to get there?       

92)Would you feel bad if we stay back at home and be home makers?We talk a lot about gender equality and women being forced to shun their careers and stay at home. What if I don’t feel like working and prefer to be a home maker while you be the bread earner for the family?


3)What characteristics make a boy “boyfriend material”?Corollary to this question has been asked a million times. We know that perfect figure; dressing sense etc makes a girl ‘girlfriend material’. But what exactly do you look for in your prospective boy friend?


4)What do you notice first in a boy? Please be honest here. No politically correct answers.


5)You get infuriated when we forget the date of anniversary. But then you have so many of anniversaries for a single human mind to remember. First Kiss, first Sex, first handholding, first proposal, first movie date, first dinner date!! Is the relationship only about dates or actual moments?


6)What is the sexiest thing a boy has ever done to you?


7)How much do you want/ expect blowjob? We are always confused whether you do it just to make us happy or you really want to? Also, do you want us to use our tongue down there?


8)Would you relocate to a different city/state to help your boyfriend pursue his dreams?

9)What do you like the most in bed? One thing that your partner should never ever miss?


10)If you know something you have done might hurt your boyfriend, would you still tell the truth or would rather lie?


Shout-out to all the guys here. If you are too afraid to ask these to your girlfriend, you can write your questions and text. Or the least you can do is share this article with them.