Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja pursuing Engineering in search of stable jobs

Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja are looking for a career switch. Both the players once represented Indian team in cricket but have for long been ignored by selectors.  Both of them were not picked up for the recent ODI series against New Zealand at home. Talking exclusively to FalsePost, seemingly perturbed Ravindra Jadeja said, “I am the lead bowler in the test format. But that’s not my fault. I am primarily a batman. I started to bowl in order to cement my place in the Indian side but now selectors take me as a full-time bowler. Last time, I begged the selection committee to include me in the Indian side, but they told me that Axar and Chahal are better bowlers. Dammit!  I am not a bowler. I started as a batsman. I am a batsman who can bowl. ” Talking about his batting skills, he added, “I never got an opportunity to bat in the last few matches that I played. I was sent at 7th down. I hardly got 2-3 balls to play every match. If I ever got more than that, it meant the turf was bouncy and the entire team had collapsed. Even in the nets, the only time I got to hold bat was when Virat bhai asked me to bring his bat from the dressing room.”

Ravindra Jadeja, popularly known as sir Jadeja,  has applied to Sharda University. His WhatsApp status now reads “World is here, where are you? ” Jadeja wishes to pursue Aeronautical engineering. He feels that aeronautical engineering will help him master the helicopter shot that was pioneered by Dhoni.

Jadeja’s teammate and erstwhile IPL mate, Suresh Raina is also expected to follow his footsteps. Raina said, “Sir is always right. If he is pursuing engineering, engineering is the right thing to do right now”.  The story of Raina is a tragic one. He got married in 2015 and was in debt. He banked on his cricketing career to pay back the loan. Now that he is not in the team, he needs a degree to get a job. He is looking for Engineering from a college which can fast-track the entire course in 1 year. When asked about his selection of engineering college, Raina said “There are many engineering colleges in Meerut that provide engineering degree in a years time. You can also score a good CGPA depending upon how much you can pay. I am looking forward to joining BEC (Bikau Engineering College)”

Suresh Raina’s father, Tirlokchand is very happy with his son’s decision. Tirlokchand said “I always told Suresh to become an engineer and get a job in TCS. But he had other plans. I am very happy that finally, my son will get a stable job”