After Black Money, Government to Ban 2000 rupee notes to Remove Pink Money

After removing all the old, torn and black 500 and 1000 notes last year, the government has decided to remove pink money by banning 2000 rupee notes. This is to remind the readers that on the same day last year (8th November 2016), Government had decided to ban all the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes. This was promoted as an attempt to curb black money. Most of the citizens have been very unhappy as they expected that this move would help reduce the amount of unaccounted money. They happily went through hardships in this hope only to see no noticeable difference.

Prime Minister Mr Modi in his Dhan Ki Baat today put up the clarification regarding the same. Talking to FalsePost he said, “Mitron, Kala dhan kam hua hai. Humne saara purana 500, 1000 ka note jo maila ho gya tha, kala ho gya tha usko gulabi 2000 note se replace kr diya. Humne bola tha kala dhan kam hoga, aur kala dhan kam hua. Ab iss saal hum gulabi dhan kam krenge.”

[Friends, Amount of black money has reduced. We replaced all the old 500 and 1000 notes which had turned black with the pink 2000 rupee notes. We had promised that amount of black money will reduce, and we did it. Now this year, we will reduce the amount of pink money]

Sources close to RBI say that government has revamped monetary policies to make it more youth-friendly. Every year RBI will introduce a new hep color currency note so that youth can relate to it. Pink was the color for the last year, this years color is saffron. RBI will soon launch saffron colored currency notes.

People of India are really ecstatic with this new development. One of the residents said. “Modi ji ne bola tha badlaav hoga. aur ab ho bhi rha hai. Mere bacche bohot khush hote hai gulabi color ke note se,unko fark ni padta ki meri naukri chali gyi aur ghar pe khane ko nhi hai kuch. Umeed hai iss saal ka rang bhi kuch achha ho.”

[Modi ji had promised change and he has delivered. My kids like the new pink colored notes. They really don’t care that I have lost my job and we do not have enough money to buy food. I hope the color that they choose this year will be equally good.]

Meanwhile, ATM security guards around India have demanded extra pay for expected overtime citing the expected surge in people visiting ATMs. Banks have assured the ATM security guard association that they will not have to work overtime. They have promised that banks will not replace the currency noted adequately and hence security guards will have more leasure time instead.