Delhi to Implement Prime Number Rule on the lines of Odd-Even rule, Kejriwal takes a U-turn

Delhi Pollution has reached deadly level. According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the air quality index(AQI) of Delhi was almost touching 450 on Tuesday evening. AQI of 450 means that air in Delhi is very toxic and healthiest of people in Delhi are prone to severe health hazards. Desperate times need desperate measures. Delhi government has decided to tackle this problem by regulating the vehicular pollution. They have decided to implement a stricter form of odd-even rule, i.e, prime number rule. As per this rule, only on the calendar days that are prime numbers, private vehicles ending with the same prime number will be allowed to ply, on the rest of the days, there will be a blanket ban on all the private vehicles. Defaulter will be asked the smallest prime number greater than 99 that they know. The same amount will have to be paid in fine. If the defaulters fail to answer correctly, they will have to pay Rs 997 as fine. In case you are caught by traffic police driving a non-prime number vehicle on a prime numbered day, you should know that the smallest prime number above 99 is 101.

Delhi traffic police department has also decided to hold maths camps to educate top cops about prime numbers. Only the cops who demonstrate the basic understanding of prime numbers will be deployed on the roads. Mr. Parimal Sikka, traffic in-charge of RK Puram area said, “This prime number rule is so complicated. On 23rd, only vehicles with registration number ending with 23 will be allowed to ply. Now, we have to know that 23 is a prime number and then we have to educate drivers regarding the same. This is like going back to high school and I hate my high school.”

Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal made yet another U-turn. He said that his earlier acquisition of his blue wagon-r being stolen was a farse. Infact he had hidden it to lessen the pollution of Delhi. He blamed the Delhi police for finding his vehicle and hence interfering with his efforts to cut back the pollution. Talking to FalsePost, Arvind said, “Dono mile hue hain ji. Delhi police aur Lieutenant mile hue hain and wo chahte nhi ki Delhi ka pollution kam ho. Ye sab Modi ji ka plan hai.  Wo har roz parliament aate hain taaki unki gaadi se Delhi me pollution failey”

In other news, Sensex saw a surge in prices of air purifier companies. Analysts are predicting that air purifiers would replace mobile phones in every household soon.