Indian Startup comes to standstill as Whatsapp goes down

One of the leading Indian start-up came to complete stand-still as Whatsapp went down earlier in the day today. Copycart, a popular e-commerce company which is in direct confrontation with Amazon suspended all its internal operation in the afternoon today. This suspension was mostly thrust on them as Whatsapp suddenly stopped working. One of the employees, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Every team here has a Whatsapp group. All our tasks, testing reverts, product requirements etc come on Whatsapp group. Our CEO is a part of most of these groups and he is kind of moderator. I am in 5 such groups. Suddenly all the groups went silent at around 12:07 PM. I knew something was wrong. Suddenly entire office was chaotic. No one knew what to do next.”

Most of the Indian firms have shunned the traditional method of using emails and communicators as the formal channel of communication and have opted for Whatsapp. Whatsapp is instant, successfully intrudes into others privacy and helps bosses keep a tap on his team’s social life.

One of the managers for Copycart explained the reason for the firm to shift to Whatsapp. “I can work even at home and my wife doesn’t know that I am working for the office. Also, it helps me guise my conversations with my EXs as official communications. It also helps me intrude into the private life of my team. Initially, I used to send emails and subordinates ignored my mail and later got away saying that mail landed in the spam folder. Now, I send the Whatsapp and immediately know as to who all have read my message in the group. It’s a miraculous tool.”

As Whatsapp went down, people had to turn to the conventional method of official communication through emails. Many employees did not have office mail configured on their system, others did not know how to operate the email account. This confusion led to a major goof-up when the HR manager erroneously mailed the salary slip of the executive director to all the employees. People were spellbound to realize that the person who advocated pay cuts for others owing to demonetization was actually drawing more salary than rest of the employees combined.

Apart from professional life, people had to face severe misery in personal life as well. A resident of Bangalore missed his GMAT exam as his mother could not send the forwarded message wishing him good luck. Another resident of Delhi had to walk up to his parents to ask if they wanted to go out for a walk. Thankfully, Whatsapp has been restored now. FalsePost prays that such dark days never come back again to haunt us.