Pidi to be Prime Ministerial Candidate for Congress in 2019 Loksabha elections

After Rahul Gandhi revealed that it was his dog Pidi that was behind the resurgence of his social media account, speculations are rife that Piddi could be the next prime ministerial candidate for Congress in 2019 Loksabha elections. Sources close to Gandhi family say that Rahul and Sonia have been looking for someone to replace Manmohan Sigh as their poster boy. The vacancy has been internally floated in the party and interviews are being conducted. Party supremo is looking for a loyalist who follows her commands.

Pidi’s name was recommended Rahul Gandhi himself after its video went viral and resulted in a spike in the number of followers to Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account. Pidi is the front runner for the post of Prime Ministerial candidate as he fulfills all the pre-requisite. He is loyal and follows all the commands of Rahul Gandhi. Pidi was interviewed last Sunday. In the interview, Pidi was only asked one question which he answered satisfactorily. He was asked, “Will you bow to Rahul Gandhi?”. “Bow bow”, he answered. The interview panel was happy with the answer and has forwarded the name to party supremo for the final approval.

Talking to FalsePost on this matter, Rahul Gandhi said, “Pidi is young. I am close to 50 now and can’t carry the tag of young leader for long. So, its time to pass on the baton to the next generation. Piddi is only 9 years old and will be the youngest politician in the history of India. ” Pidi will be 11 years old at the time of 2019 general elections. If Congress party wins and Pidi becomes the prime minister, he will get into record books for multiple reasons. He will be the youngest Prime Minister of India, he will also be the only four-legged animal to ever rise to the post of prime minister, anywhere in the world.