Indian Fielders Will be allowed ‘one tip-one hand’ against South Africa in the 3rd Test

Team India is 2-0 down in the ongoing 3-match test series and is staring at a humiliating white-wash. As the number 01 team in the test matches, Team India direly needs to avoid the clean sweep. But given India’s batting performance, it is very unlikely that India can match the score that South Africa piles on. Cricket South Africa is worried that if the 3rd test match also becomes a cake-walk for the Proteas, the upcoming 6 match ODI series and subsequent 3 match T20 series will not attract many eyeballs. Fearing a major slump in the TRPs and the revenue, cricket boards of both India and South Africa are devising ways to make the 3rd and the final test match interesting. Both the boards have agreed that ‘one tip- one hand’ will be allowed for Indian fielders during the test match. This will significantly help the slip-cordon fielders to pick-up dropped chances. Talking to FalsePost, Cricket South Africa spokesperson Mr. Bounce Swing said, “Given the number of catches that Indian slip cordon and wicketkeeper have dropped together, it is only fair to let the Indian fielders take the catch on the second attempt. Kohli is so angry with the leather ball for how it swings during the Indian innings that he slaps the ball hard whenever he gets a catching opportunity resulting in missed catches. Other fielders also follow their leader.”

Apart from one tip- one hand, there are other meausres to safeguard the Indian batsmen. Speaking on behalf of BCCI, Mr. Gharelu Sher said, “We have been bowling quite well. It is our lackluster batting performance which is a matter of grave concern. We have to help our batsmen. To help them negate the swing on the pitch, Indian batsmen will be allowed to play with broader bats.  Also, catches of the edge will not be considered as a legitimate way to dismiss an Indian batsman. Indian batsmen will be considered caught only if the ball finds the middle of the bat.”

In other measures, CSA has released a circular which advices South African bowlers to bowl below the speed limit of 135 km/hr. Indian cricket coach Mr. Ravi Shashtri has welcomed this move. He said, “When we host any foreign cricket team, we ensure that we do not bowl at them at a speed exceeding 135 km/hr. We do not want our guests to feel intimidated. Its a common courtesy for South Africa to reciprocate.”

When Virat Kohli was asked if he was confident of winning the third test, given that new measures are now in place, he said, “See bro, I am the brand ambassador of Manyavar. Our tagline is Naye rishte, Naye vaade. I am grateful to South Africa for their hospitality and new safeguards. As a token of gratitude, We will give away the third match to the hosts.”